Do you have a really beautiful old tree in your yard? Is it looking sick? Learn more about nursing a sick tree back to health.

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Getting my tree back to life

I have a really beautiful old olive tree in my backyard. I love sitting under it on warm summer night. Unfortunately, the tree got a bit of a knock from the truck that brought in our swimming pool this summer, and it has been looking quite sick ever since and hasn't had any olives yet this year. I am very attached to the tree, so I have got a guy from the tree service company making weekly visits to give it extra fertilising and trimming to try to promote growth. This blog is all about nursing a sick old tree back to health with help from a tree service company.

Tailor the Look of Your Yard with These 5 Landscaping Ideas

16 February 2016
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When designing and looking for landscape transformation of your outdoor space, the front yard is an excellent place to start. This is the first thing you or your guests see as they drive up to your house. A functional landscape will transform your front space into a magnificent and high impact space. Therefore, here are a few creative landscaping ideas to consider. Create Patterns Ground covers and pavers are a great way to create geometric patterns and a great visual impact in your yard. Read More …

Preparing your property for a storm

28 January 2016
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When preparing your house for a storm, you need to be aware of the possible consequences of being unprepared. A storm can completely demolish your property and cause destruction worth a lot of money. To protect your house from the possible consequences of stormy weather, there are many precautions you can take. Just remember that it's better to prepare for the worst, even if it doesn't turn out that way in the end. Read More …

Three Important Considerations for Tree Removal

14 August 2015
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There are different reasons for tree removal in residential and even commercial property. For instance, if a large tree is damaged by rot or weakened by inclement weather, it will pose a potential falling hazard. Controlled removal will allow safe elimination of the threat preventing future injury and damage of property. However, you should note that attempting felling a tree without professional assistance is ill-advised. The process of tree removal is delicate and dangerous therefore it is important to engage skilled service people for the task. Read More …

When Is It Time to Have a Tree Removed?

3 August 2015
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Removing a tree may be a difficult decision for some, as trees offer shade and beauty to a property, and they are very good for the environment. However, in some cases it may be better for your property to have a tree removed altogether. If you're not sure of when it's time to remove a tree from your yard, note a few indications to consider. 1. If it's interfering with proper drainage Read More …

Getting to the root of unhealthy trees by tackling soil compaction

22 July 2015
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Trees may be far more low-maintenance than house plants or your garden roses, but they still have health needs which require specialist care throughout their lifetime. Many of these needs come from their foundation: the soil. Healthy soil is key to a healthy tree — sometimes tackling poor tree growth isn't about fixing the tree but rather fixing the ground beneath it. There are several issues to look out for in your soil, and one of the most common and damaging is soil compaction. Read More …