Do you have a really beautiful old tree in your yard? Is it looking sick? Learn more about nursing a sick tree back to health.

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Getting my tree back to life

I have a really beautiful old olive tree in my backyard. I love sitting under it on warm summer night. Unfortunately, the tree got a bit of a knock from the truck that brought in our swimming pool this summer, and it has been looking quite sick ever since and hasn't had any olives yet this year. I am very attached to the tree, so I have got a guy from the tree service company making weekly visits to give it extra fertilising and trimming to try to promote growth. This blog is all about nursing a sick old tree back to health with help from a tree service company.

Maintaining Your Privately-Owned Trees: Why You Need A Good Arbourist

16 November 2016
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Trees can accentuate the natural beauty of any landscape, be it residential or commercial. But to keep them looking healthy and radiant, they need to be well-cared for. On a large scale, tree management involves the management of trees growing in forest plantations, along the streets, in public parks and any other green public places. On a much smaller scale, however, it entails caring for privately-owned trees, including the trees in your own yard. Read More …

3 Species Of Tree That Are Poisonous To Horses

30 October 2016
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If your horses graze or exercise in a field with trees, you should establish the species of trees in the field as some trees are poisonous to horses. Here's an overview of three species of tree that are toxic to horses and your options for having dangerous trees removed: Yew Both the leaves and berries of the yew tree are poisonous to horses. It contains the alkaloid taxine, which causes cardiac arrest, and ingesting even a small amount of the foliage can be lethal. Read More …

Practical Ideas For Remnant Tree Stumps

29 September 2016
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If you have trees in your garden or on your land, you may lose one from time to time.  This can be as a result of storm damage or through disease.  Many times, old age simply causes the tree to become structurally weak so that it presents a danger to property and people.  In all these cases you'll need to call out your local tree service to cut down the tree and remove it. Read More …

How To Prevent and Correct Trees From Leaning

28 September 2016
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In an ideal world, all the trees in your garden would grow perfectly straight.  However, all types of trees can be susceptible to storm damage and can be left leaning at an angle.  Not only does this spoil the look of your tree, but also it can be dangerous in the case of large, mature specimens that could fall down altogether, damaging property or even causing injury to you or members of your family. Read More …

Reading Your Palms: Why, When And How To Have Your Palm Tree Cleaned

22 September 2016
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Some tall, stately palms can add a touch of glamour and exoticism to practically any garden, planter or commercial green space, but while these primitive trees are highly robust and durable they do require periodic maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful. Once of the most important ways palms need to be maintained is with occasional palm cleaning. What is palm cleaning? Some species of palm are said to be 'self-cleaning', which means that they automatically shed dead fronds, leaves and seed pods as they grow. Read More …